Go Fish Charters and guide service offers world class light tackle giant tarpon fishing charters, on the prime waters of Boca Grande, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, and Charlotte Harbor. Professional Tarpon fishing charters,
with tarpon fishing guide…. Capt Andy Boyette

I specialize in Tarpon Fishing, Live bait and artificial bring the thrill of these giant tarpon alive.  Tarpon are plentiful early spring thru mid-summer in Boca Grande, Fort Myers , Cape Coral or Punta Gorda and can be found throughout Charlotte Harbor well into September.

Early Spring I start out in Charlotte Harbor or The Fort Myers Beach area with live bait and hunt down forging tarpon. Trips can include the upper river of Punta Gorda in and around Cape Coral Fishing areas to the mouth of Boca Grande Pass . Fishing is sight casting free lining or blind casting live threadfin hearing and an assortment of swim baits. Most of the time the tarpon are visible on the surface, but I am well versed in locating tarpon that are not showing.

Mid Season Is the major push of spawning tarpon with Boca Grande and the Fort Myers and surrounding beaches seeing most of the action. The Crabs begin to flush at the first summer tides that trigger what is know as our Hill Tides. Threadfin hearing are more plentiful and the tarpon are in a feeding frenzy to fatten up for the spawn. Its this time of the year that makes Boca Grande the tarpon Capitol of the World with tarpon Schools numbering in the 10 of thousands. with a variety of opportunity.

Late season Tarpon Fishing begins after the major spawn is over, when the tarpon flood the Charlotte Harbor in post spawn. The action switches and the tarpon fishing charters center around foraging tarpon located in Charlotte Harbor, this is my favorite time to fish and can be the most productive. Charlotte Harbor is located mins from Fort Myers and Cape Coral and is connected to Boca Grande Pass. I fish the entire tarpon season every day, every year, along side some of the best tarpon fishing guides in the business, guides like my self that can produce consistently and put their clients on tarpon day in and day out. So before you make a decision on a tarpon guide do some homework. I want to make sure you catch the tarpon of a lifetime whether or not its with me.

No Tarpon-No Pay Tarpon Guarantee !!!
Book my whole day tarpon fishing trip and if you don’t jump a tarpon the trip is free! Guaranteed! No questions asked!
Does Not Apply To 6 or 8 hr. Tarpon Charters
April-September Is Tarpon Fishing Season and during this time I am exclusively
Tarpon Fishing