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Planning a Boca Grande Tarpon fishing charter. Boca Grande is the best place for Tarpon Fishing in Florida so plan early. I exclusively tarpon fish April-Oct. These months are highly sought after, and trips book up quickly. I offer 6hr, 8hr, 10hr and 12hr tarpon fishing charters.

The average Boca Grande tarpon weighs in at 150lbs pounds with plenty of 200+ pound tarpon caught during the season. This makes Boca Grande the acknowledged tarpon fishing capital of the world. There's no known place on earth where tarpon gathers in such large numbers to feed. This has made Boca Grande the best place for tarpon fishing on the Florida coast for over a century. Tarpon can be found throughout Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor and can be caught in great numbers from April well into Oct. Looking for a Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Guide? Considering booking a Tarpon fishing trip? Thinking about a Charlotte Harbor Tarpon Charter, my rates and other information are here Tarpon Fishing Rates


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Boca Grande is the tarpon fishing capital of the world! If you're looking for an adventure, book a Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Charter with Capt Andy and test your skills against these powerful fish. With 24 plus years as a tarpon guide, I know the local waters well and can take you directly to where the tarpon are. I also guarantee big catches and offer 6hrs, 8hrs, 10hrs and 12hrs trips for up to 4 people. Get ready to catch tarpon on the remote waters of Charlotte Harbor, where the natural beauty and abundance of huge tarpon will not disappoint. Don't miss out - book today and start your adventure!

Centrally located on Charlotte Harbor I have pickup locations in Boca Grande and on the Charlotte Harbor. This insures your tarpon fishing charter gets deep into the best tarpon action with the least amount of boat travel possible. I offer 6hr, 8hr, 10hr and 12hr tarpon fishing trips for up to 4 people. I also work with other local tarpon fishing guides and can arrange for multiple boats as well as large group trips. With over 24 years as a tarpon fishing guide, I know the local waters well. I have the experience and skill set to offer you an unforgettable Boca Grande tarpon fishing experience.

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Welcome to Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing! I offer an amazing opportunity to experience a lifetime of memories. Tarpon Fishing Boca Grande 6-12 hour trips, with up to four people per boat, my 24+ years as a professional tarpon fishing guide will guarantee you have a truly unforgettable trip. My boat is equipped for any challenge the barrier may present and Capt Andy is always ready to encourage you and show you how to land your catch. With so many opportunities at my disposal, we can start on your very own special adventure that you'll never forget. Book now for big rewards: all gear, bait, huge discounts, and much more. Don't hesitate; seize this opportunity and make a lifetime worth of memories today!

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Starting in April and lasting through Oct tarpon congregate in Boca Grande in great numbers. The month of April is all about sight fishing with light spinning gear the flats and back-country of Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Charlotte Harbor. From About May-June Capt Andy can be found tarpon fishing near Boca Grande. Large numbers of tarpon show up yearly in a pre-spawn gathering in the natural deep water of Boca Grande Pass. These tarpon are here for one reason, to eat. Go Fish Charters a tarpon Guide service has guided tarpon clients for over 24 years with results you should expect. I offer world class light tackle sport fishing charters.

 Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing is an absolute must-try! The challenge of these barrier islands has encouraged many fishermen to take up the task and try their luck. Demand for these trips has grown in recent times due to a new wave of excitement surrounding this rewarding adventure. Capt Andy promises that you will never forget your experience, no matter how big or small the tarpon may be. You might even double your luck with a few other species along the way. These charters start early at 6 am or later so you can keep the day going fast and free. With better opportunities than ever before, head out on a remote journey and gain something truly special from a lifetime's fishing experience. Don't just take my word for it - I guarantee you won't regret giving Boca Grande tarpon fishing a go. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip today..

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