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April 2016 Boca Grande Fort Myers Fishing Report

Tarpon Fishing report to follow:
Just to let everyone know I have been fishing quite a bit, but have not written reports since I have more competitors reading my reports than potential customers. In the new age of information others find their jobs much easier by just using others information rather than actually putting in the time, I personally would be disappointed to know I hired a guide to find out he was fishing on another's report and by spotting other guides to locate fish. I have spent many long hours over my career patterning fish and quite frankly its sucks to not only have another so called guide benefit from my hard work, but to undercut me as well.
Tarpon Fishing Report
The tarpon fishing will continue to get better as the summer approaches and the days get longer. Look for migrating fish just off Fort Myers beaches, as well as in Pine Island Sound, and of course Boca Grande area. I would also like to remind everyone that I no longer jig fish in Boca Grande Pass, I am live bait, light tackle tarpon fishing schools of tarpon in and around the area, this move has not only allowed me to hook and fight more tarpon it doubled my landing percentages, since the pass has become home to light drag and fish chasing. Bottom line my tarpon fishing is more productive and less stressful.

I have been tarpon fishing for the past 3 weeks and the tarpon have cooperated very nicely. There have been numerous tarpon in the 160-180lb range landed on my boat already as well as this 200+ lb tarpon 96″ length and a 41″ girth. It was caught By David Wood on April 13 2011. David and his friend took some excellent video of the 2 days of fishing that include fighting this tarpon with some great jump shots as well as other hook ups, rolling schools of tarpon as well as skyrocketing tarpon, including the free jumpers that missed our bait about 10 feet off the stern.
I have some dates still available in June and hope to be able to fill those as I have in the past. I would also like very one to know that July and August are excellent months for tarpon fishing when the spawn is over and the fish are even more interested in eating. The late season tarpon fishing is a phenomenal fishery and last through August and well into September. During this time frame I switch to various artificial and entice these giant tarpon to eat similar to bass fishing. Those that have fished with me in the past will attest to you there is nothing like having a 150 lb tarpon grab a lure on the retrieve or follow it to the boat and take it 5 feet away. It is my favorite way of tarpon fishing.
Capt Andy Boyette

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